Corporate law

Corporate law helps establish and maintain the most adequate corporate structure for a business. Expert guidance is essential to successfully navigate its intricacies and leading a company.

Our firm is well equipped to assist you in this field. Here is an overview of our services:

  • Advising on corporate structures and corporate governance
  • Company incorporation
  • Establishing branches and representative offices
  • Corporate changes and restructurings
  • Company management and representation
  • Directors’ liability
  • Debt-into-equity conversions
  • Share swaps
  • Directors’ and employees’ incentives, share option plans
  • Establishment of share and enterprise pledges
  • Mandatory disclosures with the Commercial Register (including UBO)
  • Mergers and Reorganizations (link)
  • Company liquidation, closing of branches and representative offices.

We are a team of professionals working diligently in corporate law. Our goal is to manage intricate corporate cases for our clients effectively and efficiently. We would like to collaborate with you on this journey.