ESG aims to ensure business activities comply with global sustainability goals and concepts. As a relatively new, complex, and constantly developing area, ESG engages a broad spectrum of expertise, further diversified by industry-specific requirements. Professional advice is crucial to effectively understand ESG complexities.

Our team is highly skilled and well-prepared to help you navigate the complex international and local ESG regulations. Our legal services in this area include:

  • ESG legal due diligence
  • Advising on ESG regulatory compliance
  • Advising on ESG strategies and transformation to ESG-compatible business models
  • Advising on sustainable environmental practices and environmental and waste management regulations compliance
  • Advising on corporate governance policies
  • Advising on diversity and inclusion policies
  • Advising on ESG disclosure and reporting

We will be happy to be your legal advisors in ESG and will gladly support you in improving your ESG practices in achieving sustainability goals.