Public Procurement

Public contracts make up a significant share of the global economy, allowing public authorities and sectoral procurers to obtain the best value-for-money construction, goods, or services from private businesses.

This area requires a deep understanding of procurement laws and project management. Whether you are a sectoral procurer or a bidder, our firm is well experienced and resourced to assist you in this area.

Here is a summary of the legal services we render to sectoral procurers:

  • Advising on and structuring public procurement procedures
  • Drafting public procurement documentation
  • Advising on selection criteria and evaluation models
  • Drafting industry-specific contracts
  • Handling bidder queries and complaints
  • Representing sectoral procurers within appealing procedures before the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) and court
  • Advising on amendments and violations of public procurement agreements
  • Advising on ‘in-house’ transactions that do not require public procurement procedures
  • Providing on-going advice and legal support throughout the public procurement procedures

Below is a summary of the legal services we render to bidders:

  • Advising on bidder’s corporate structure (e.g. consortium, JV, entity, etc.) for the successful application
  • Advising on and legal assistance in preparing bidder’s documentation
  • Drafting bidder queries and letters of complaint
  • Contesting decisions of the contracting authority
  • Representation within appealing procedures before the CPC and courts
  • Advising on amendments to the procurement agreement
  • Advising on corporate restructuring of the bidder after awarding the public procurement agreement
  • Other ongoing legal support throughout the duration of the public procurement agreements

We are eager to offer you our knowledge as we guide you through the complexities of public procurement regulations.