Real Estate & Zoning

When real estate and zoning are involved, stakes are always high. Providing quality real estate legal services requires impeccable analytical skills, attention to detail, a thorough understanding of property law and zoning regulations, in-depth knowledge of judicial, notarial, and local authorities practice, as well as strong negotiation skills and well-established deal structuring strategies and tactics.

Our qualified and experienced real estate team has what it takes to provide high quality legal services and assistance with any real estate venture. The services we offer in the field of real estate and zoning include:

  • Real estate legal due diligence
  • Encumbrance and third-party rights verification
  • Assistance in real estate acquisitions and divestments
  • Assistance in lease of residential, commercial and office areas
  • Drafting of real estate transaction documents
  • Advising on real estate acquisition financing and assisting with creation of mortgages and other security rights
  • Assistance in notary procedures, registration, and perfection of real estate transactions
  • Advising on real estate private equity and joint ventures
  • Advising on property portfolio transactions
  • Providing legal analysis of zoning plans and advising on zoning and cadastral compliance
  • Assistance in land use conversion procedures and approval of zoning and cadastral plans
  • Representation in private enforcement procedures and forcible sales of real estate
  • Representation in real estate and zoning disputes

Our team is committed to providing tailored services in Real Estate & Zoning. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.