Competition & Antitrust

Competition law is a multifaceted domain that ensures fair competition of businesses through compliance with regulations related to antitrust, control of concentrations, abuse of dominance, provision of state aid and unfair trading practices. Navigating this complex field requires a deep understanding of its various aspects both from a legal and economic perspective.

Our competition law team is well experienced to assist you in all fields of this complex domain, including:

  • Horizontal and vertical restraints
  • Agency and distribution models and contracts
  • Cartel and concerted practices investigations
  • Structuring supply and/or distribution models
  • Preliminary assessment of concentrations
  • Concentration clearances
  • Abuse of dominance
  • Unfair trading practices
  • Misleading and comparative advertising
  • Unfair solicitation of clients, promotional campaigns
  • Competition litigation
  • Dawn raids and mock dawn raids

We are a team that values dedication and professionalism in competition and antitrust. We look forward to being your trusted partner in this practice area.